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Can Orange County area patients enjoy body contouring after major weight loss?

Have you recently lost a lot of weight with diet, exercise, or gastric bypass? Congratulations! Dr. Thuan Nguyen understand how important it is for patients of The Institute of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery to live healthy, active lifestyles and maintain an appropriate weight for a better quality of life. However, patients who have lost a lot of weight often come to our practice in Orange County to ask about body contouring procedures.

Patients who have lost a lot of weight may notice that the skin has stretched considerably and does not have the same elasticity as it once did. This results in sagging skin. Skin may sag anywhere on the body, specifically on the arms, legs, and stomach. It can result in unattractive body contours. Patients who have worked hard to lose the weight may feel discouraged about their new look. Thankfully, the team of The Institute of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Orange County offers body-contouring services.

Dr. Thuan Nguyen provides quality plastic surgery procedures for patients who have experienced significant weight loss and are unhappy with the way their body looks. Sagging skin caused by extreme weight loss must be handled in a specific manner, as a large amount of skin may need to be removed. A consultation appointment with our plastic surgeon team will help the doctors decide the best method of skin removal to attain the desired contours of the body. It is important for patients to seek a plastic surgery with experience handling cases of extreme weight loss, as the methods of removal are different from dealing with sagging skin resulting from collagen loss due to aging.

If you live in the Orange County area and are interested in learning more about removing excess skin after major weight loss, contact Dr. Thuan Nguyen of The Institute of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery to book a consultation appointment. Educating yourself about the process of body contouring is the best way to determine if it is appropriate for your specific desires.

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