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Aging is not limited to the face. The skin and supporting tissues in the neck are also subject to the aging process, along with genetic factors, UV (sunlight or tanning bed) exposure, and other environmental factors. A necklift is a surgical technique for tightening muscles, removing excess skin, and repositioning tissues for a more youthful appearance.

Although most individuals requesting necklifts are in their 40s, 50s, or 60s, good results can be achieved in patients from 70 to 80. We take extra precautions when performing this, or any other, procedure on someone with a medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. A necklift procedure may be performed alone or in conjunction with other aesthetic improvements such eyelid surgery, a forehead lift, or a facelift.

The procedure

Necklifts are performed on an outpatient basis, under general anesthesia. We work with a board-certified anesthesiologist, to ensure optimal patient safety. The surgeon begins by creating a primary incision around the bottom of the earlobe, following the ear's natural contours. A secondary incision may be created in the natural skin fold beneath the chin. The surgeon works through these incisions to reposition the tissues and tighten the muscles. Excess skin is removed and the wound is closed.

When the surgery is complete, you will need to remain in the office for about an hour, until you are alert enough to go home. There will be bandages around your neck and face, covering the incisions.


You can anticipate enjoying your new, youthful, revitalized appearance. In most situations, another person will not be able to tell that you underwent cosmetic surgery. However, others are likely to notice that you look healthier, happier, youthful, and well rested. Although the natural ageing process continues from this point forth, it is beginning with a more youthful starting point. Necklift results are long lasting, and you will be able to enjoy a youthful, firm appearance for many years.

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Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen board certified plastic surgeon Fountain Valley, CA A Magna cum Laude graduate from Millsaps College, Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen is a board certified plastic surgeon. He brings with him a plethora of skill, expertise and knowledge given his 20 plus years of experience in the field.

Dr. Nguyen is presently the medical director of Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center. He has engaged in research and contributed to many medical publications and continues to be deeply passionate about providing the best possible treatment for his patients.
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