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Terms to know

Mini Facelift: Correction of overall facial aging, including sagging from the ear to the chin
Full Facelift: Correction of overall facial aging, including sagging from the ear to the mid-neck
Neck lift: Correction of sagging in the neck, especially under the chin
Forehead lift: Correction of sagging in the brow area


Nowhere are the signs of aging as obvious as the face. Sun exposure, indoor tanning, environmental factors, and genetic factors combine with the natural aging process to cause wrinkles, folds, and drooping, excess facial skin. A facelift procedure (rhytidectomy) improves facial aging by removing excess tissue and tightening muscles. The procedure corrects problems such as sagging along the jawline and around the cheekbones, deep wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks, and excess skin and fatty tissue in the neck. It results in a more youthful, firmer, and more rested appearance.

The most common facelift patient is between the ages of 40 and 60, but we have also achieved excellent results with individuals in their 70s and 80s. We take special precautions when performing surgery on a patient with health concerns such as high blood pressure or diabetes. At the time of your consultation, your doctor will discuss your specific needs and goals, including the possibility of additional enhancements to achieve your desired results. These may include skin resurfacing to improve pigmentation, texture, and fine lines; eyelid surgery, which reduces the appearance of puffy eyes; or a forehead lift for the correction of a sagging brow.

The procedure

A facelift is an outpatient procedure, and it is performed with general anesthesia, administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. The incision is precisely located along the natural contours of the ear, around the lobe, behind the ear, and into the hairline, effectively disguising the scar. The surgeon works through these incisions to reposition facial tissue and tighten muscles. Excess skin is removed, and the incision is sutured. When the neck is also involved, there may be an additional incision under the chin, located in the natural crease. The surgery takes approximately three hours, after which you will need to rest and regain alertness for about an hour before leaving the office.


You can expect a more youthful, revitalized facial appearance following the procedure. In general, other people will not realize that you've had cosmetic surgery, but they are likely to notice that you appear more rested, happier, and healthier. Although a facelift cannot stop the clock, it can reset the clock, so the aging process will continue, beginning with your newly attained youthful appearance. Just as it takes many years for a young face to age, you will be able to enjoy the results of your procedure for a long time to come.


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