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Dermabrasion is a resurfacing technique, which smooths out skin imperfections and improves the overall texture and appearance. It is frequently recommended for lessening the appearance of scarring, which may be caused by trauma, past surgery, acne, or other skin injury. The procedure also reduces the appearance of fine lines, particularly those in the most area. If you are bothered by fine lines or visible scars, Dermabrasion may be a good option for you.

This technique utilizes a surgical instrument, which selectively removes the upper layer of skin. The surgeon works with a tool called a burr, which contains diamond particles fused to the motorized handpiece. The surface layer of skin is carefully scraped off, until the optimal resurfacing depth has been reached to safely reduce the appearance of wrinkles or scars. This highly individualized procedure may be performed over the entire face, or targeted to a specific region.

The procedure

Dermabrasion is an outpatient procedure, which requires only local anesthetic. It is usually completed in 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. After the procedure, we will apply a soothing antibiotic ointment to the treated area for enhanced comfort and optimal skin hydration. You will rest in the recovery area of our office for a short time before leaving.


After your Dermabrasion procedure, you can look forward to a smoother, fresher appearance. Acne scars on the cheeks or forehead can be lessened, and fine lines in the mouth area minimized. The aging process will continue normally, but you will be beginning with a refreshed appearance. You can enjoy the results of your treatment for a long time to come. If you wish, dermabrasion can be repeated twice a year.


These prices are averages only; you will be provided with a precise quotation at your consultation. Listed fees include charges such as anesthesia, surgeon's fees, operating room fees, and follow up visits.
  • Full Face Dermabrasion $1,500
  • Dermabrasion around the Mouth Only $800
  • Dermabrasion of the Cheeks Only $1,000

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