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Orange County area plastic surgeon discusses the periareolar breast lift procedure

Periareolar Breast Lift Orange County - periareolar breast lift procedure for Women Sagging breasts are often an aspect of a woman’s body that makes her feel self-conscious. Breast sagging can occur with age, weight loss, or after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women who want to look their best may consider cosmetic surgery options including breast augmentation or breast lifts. Breast lifts are the perfect solution for those satisfied with the overall size of their breasts but are unhappy with the position of the nipples or the breasts themselves. With the help of a dedicated plastic surgeon, patients can enjoy a treatment that brings back a more youthful, lifted appearance to the breasts, which cannot be obtained any other way!

Dr. Thuan Nguyen is a plastic surgeon in the Orange County area. His practice is dedicated to helping patients with aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. When women visit his facility asking about ways to lift the breasts and boost their youthful appearance, a breast lift is often the treatment recommended. During an evaluation of the breasts, the doctor can determine if patients are appropriate candidates for this procedure.

Scarring from procedures

Many patients are worried about scarring after procedures such as breast augmentation and breast lift. Fortunately, there is one way to lift the breasts with minimal scarring, and that is with a periareolar breast lift.

Periareolar breast lift advantages

The primary benefit of a periareolar breast lift is the ability to greatly reduce scarring. Most breast implant and lift patients opt for anchor breast lifts or vertical breast lifts in which there is often a scar vertically from the areola. Instead, the periareolar breast lift focuses on using the shape of the areola and its repositioned location to eliminate the need for vertical cutting and scarring. This can be done with or without implants, depending on the specific and unique needs of the patient.

Dr. Thuan Nguyen and the team of The Institute of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery are here to assist women in determining the best breast lift procedure for their body. Contact the practice by calling today and scheduling a consultation appointment and evaluation with our professionals. We can assist with many surgical procedures for reconstruction or cosmetic enhancement.

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