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Reveal or Restore Confidence-Boosting Curves with Natural Fat Transfer and/or Butt Implants


Buttock Enhancement in Huntington Beach CA Area
Trim “diet- and exercise-resistant” fat. Boost curves in all the right places. We at Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center can safely shed unwanted excess and add attractive contours with a single procedure: autologous fat transfer. Also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, this buttock enhancement is not for everyone.

During a consultation at our office in Huntington Beach, California, our Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen, can also discuss alternative options. For instance, implants formulated from a soft, solid silicone gel may be for buttock or gluteal augmentation. Other patients may benefit from both fat transfer and implants.

Achieve or Restore Curves

Maybe the shape or projection of your backside has always been a concern. Perhaps, you have noticed undesirable changes. Your butt may appear flatter or more dimpled and saggier than in the past. These changes can be brought on by pregnancy and childbirth, fluctuations in weight, and the loss of firming collagen and springy elastin that occurs with the passage of time and the aging process.

Our surgical specialist, Dr. Nguyen, helps individuals in our slice of Orange County accomplish or regain youthful, healthy, and confidence-boosting smoothness, volume, and proportions. BBL is also referred to as “autologous fat transfer” because we at Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center can use our patients’ fat to alter the size and/or shape of their buttocks. “Autologous” means tissues or cells used for treatment are obtained from the same individual. So, when in the hands of a skilled and experienced specialist like Dr. Nguyen, this is considered a natural and low-risk technique for enhancement. The risk of adverse reactions is minimized.

Suitable Candidates

All procedures and services available at our center start with a consultation. During this visit, Dr. Nguyen will evaluate and discuss factors to determine the best recommendation and technique for you. These considerations include:
  • The availability of fat to remove and transplant to the buttock area
  • The elasticity and overall quality of your skin
  • History of weight fluctuations; ability to maintain a stable, healthy weight
  • Overall health and medical history
  • Your perception and expectations about treatment
  • Specific goals for treatment

Actual Patient Results

This appointment also presents an excellent opportunity to ask questions. We can discuss the likes of sedative options and cost-related considerations. Overall, costs can vary based on factors such as the type and number of procedures and techniques administered. Tests, medications, and other supplies represent additional expenses that can add to the total cost of treatment. We are very transparent in discussing fees, as well as other needs and requirements associated with the long-term success of your treatment.

Enhancement with fat transfer may be most appropriate for patients who desire a smaller to moderate improvement. For patients requiring more substantial or dramatic improvement and/or who do not have sufficient fat to transfer, implants may be in the future.

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Partners in Your Success

We will discuss everything to expect before, during, and after treatment clearly and thoroughly. It is essential to adhere to any instructions provided by Dr. Nguyen. In turn, this minimizes your risk of side effects such as prolonged pain and complications such as infection.

Generally, the fat transfer technique involves liposuction to remove stubborn fat from unwanted areas. Common “donor” sites include the abdominal area. Then, the removed fat is processed, and the purified fat is injected into the butt and outer hips. While results are noticeable instantly, fat absorbs and settles over time. So, optimal outcomes are visible in the months post-surgery.

For implants, Dr. Nguyen’s skill and expertise shine as he precisely places them through incisions made in the intergluteal crease. So, any signs of surgery are well-hidden in natural creases and undergarments. We at Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center can also be trusted to achieve the right contours and the right level of improvement in the right places to achieve your goal look.

Schedule your consultation by calling our Huntington Beach, California office at (714) 421-4022. You may also request an appointment at your convenience from this website.

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Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen board certified plastic surgeon Fountain Valley, CA A Magna cum Laude graduate from Millsaps College, Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen is a board certified plastic surgeon. He brings with him a plethora of skill, expertise and knowledge given his 20 plus years of experience in the field.

Dr. Nguyen is presently the medical director of Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center. He has engaged in research and contributed to many medical publications and continues to be deeply passionate about providing the best possible treatment for his patients.
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