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Enhance your facial structure with cheek reduction surgery in Huntington Beach, CA


Cheek Reduction Surgery in Huntington Beach CA area
Many patients who visit Dr. Thuan Nguyen and the team at Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center are interested in addressing certain imperfections of the face and body. Our team of professionals works directly with men and women to target the areas of concern that make them feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their appearance. One procedure readily available with our team in Huntington Beach, CA is the cheek or cheekbone reduction surgery.

What is cheekbone reduction?

Men and women who have prominent cheekbones and want to address the height, width, and shape of them may be a good candidate for cheekbone reduction surgery. This plastic surgery approach offers facial rebalancing and harmony with shaving the cheekbones, reducing imperfections that may impact one’s overall appearance. Additionally, our professionals use discreet locations to create the incisions for surgery to eliminate any visible scarring on the facial area.

During cheekbone reduction surgery, the bone tissue is filed down or “shaved” when there are minor changes to make. Alternatively, if patients have very prominent cheekbones that need to be reduced, they may have a technique called “osteotomy” performed. This is more complex and requires cutting and repositioning the cheekbones. This may be done in addition to cheekbone shaving for a smooth and dramatic improvement.
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What can cheekbone reduction surgery achieve?

Patients who undergo this procedure will enjoy:
  • Softer facial features
  • A slenderer facial appearance
  • Improved self-confidence

Am I ready for cheekbone reduction?

ready for cheekbone reduction in Huntington Beach CA area
The first step in undergoing cheekbone reduction surgery is to determine if you are an appropriate candidate. Dr. Thuan Nguyen and his team at Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center believe in providing conservative approaches whenever possible. This may include the use of certain cosmetic injectables to help in reshaping this area of the face. However, if surgical intervention is the only way to achieve the results patients desire, then a procedure is planned.

Dr. Thuan Nguyen will evaluate the facial structure and make recommendations as to what technique should be used to obtain results. Patients will schedule their surgical procedure, which is often done with general anesthesia at our surgical location. Patients are encouraged to ask their doctor about what to expect the day of treatment, as well as discuss their recovery. The side effects and length of time required for recovery will vary greatly, depending on the type of cheekbone reduction performed and the invasiveness of the procedure. Most patients can expect to spend several weeks for a full recovery, experiencing most of the swelling, numbness, and discomfort during the first week after treatment. Swelling, bruising, and discomfort are normal and typically fade with time. Patients need to contact their doctor if they have any concerns and should attend their post-operative follow-up to ensure the procedure has produced the desired results without infection or visible scarring.

Enhance your appearance today with cheekbone reduction surgery with Dr. Thuan Nguyen

Working with an experienced plastic surgery provider is key to ensuring the results you desire. If you are interested in reducing the appearance of the cheekbone with cheek reduction surgery, we invite you to call (714) 421-4022. Huntington Beach, CA area patients can schedule a consultation visit with our team at Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center to discuss this and other cosmetic facial plastic surgery solutions. We are always willing to work with new patients ready to make a dramatic change in their appearance with today’s advanced surgical treatments!

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