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What Huntington Beach residents need to know about Asian jaw reduction


Cheek Reduction Surgery in Huntington Beach CA area
Many Asian patients in Huntington Beach contact Dr. Thuan Nguyen because they are dissatisfied with their jawline. A common complaint is that the jawline feels too prominent or masculine and they want a softer, more feminine appearance. Dr. Nguyen can address these concerns with a jaw reduction procedure. Dr. Nguyen has more than 20 years of cosmetic surgery experience and has helped countless patients address concerns about their appearance. Here, he answers some of the frequent questions about jaw reduction surgery.

What is jaw reduction surgery?

Jaw reduction surgery involves shaving off the outer half of the jawbone to make the jaw appear more slender. In some cases, some muscle and part of the chin may also be removed to give patients the final appearance that they desire.

Why do patients opt for jaw reduction surgery?

Jaw reduction surgery is performed on patients who feel that their jawbone is too wide or prominent. While this can be a common complaint among Asian adults, the procedure is performed on any ethnicity and gender. With jaw reduction surgery, patients can achieve a slender and often more feminine looking contour to their face.
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How is the surgery performed?

First, Dr. Nguyen will speak with his patients about their perceived imperfections and desired changes. Next, he will plan for the surgery using advanced technologies and pre-operative planning. Patients are often pleased to learn that the surgery is performed from inside the mouth so there will be no visible scarring on the face.

Is the surgery painful?

While the procedure is usually an out-patient surgery, individuals undergoing jaw reduction surgery are placed under general anesthesia. Patients should expect to manage their post-op discomfort and pain with medication, ample rest and liquid or soft foods for several days or weeks. In most cases, patients can return to work after two weeks.

When will I see results?

When Will I See Results Inasian Jaw Reduction  at Huntington Beach Ca Area Immediately following the surgery, patients should expect to experience some swelling. This will decrease and patients will notice a slimmer jawline after about three to four weeks of recovery time.

What is the cost of jaw reduction surgery?

Costs of any cosmetic procedure can vary based on a number of factors. Dr. Nguyen will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate for the procedure following your initial consultation.

I’m not sure surgery is for me, is there another way to achieve the aesthetic result I want?

Patients who are not able to, or do not want to, undergo surgery may achieve similar results with Botox injections. In these cases, Dr. Nguyen will use Botox to contour the jawline and help patients achieve the results they want. This process does not carry the cost or downtime that surgery involves, however, the results are not permanent. Patients are encouraged to visit Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center for regular injections.

If you live in the Huntington Beach area and want to learn more about jaw reduction surgery or Botox injections, call Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center today at (714) 421-4022 to learn more.

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