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Feeling good about the way your face and body look is important for your confidence and self-esteem, and the benefits of a positive body image go well beyond liking what you see in the mirror. At Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center near Huntington Beach, CA, plastic surgeon Dr. Thuan Nguyen and his professional associates believe that each body is a work of art and they are here to help you realize your full potential. Dr. Nguyen’s team specializes in a wide variety of treatments for the face and body, and they are committed to plastic surgery results that enhance, refine, and preserve your natural beauty rather than making you look unnatural or like a totally different person.

Body contouring and reshaping

Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center provides several services to contour or reshape your body. In particular, Dr. Nguyen has significant experience with body contouring after major weight loss to minimize loose skin and show off your new, smaller figure, as well as reconstruction after severe burns.

Additional body reshaping services offered include:

oung Female with Lifting Arrows. Elastic Taut Skin.
  • Remove extra body fat from stubborn spots with liposuction, a minimally invasive procedure that can eliminate fat that is not going away with diet and exercise
  • Get your pre-mommy figure back with the “mommy makeover,” a customized treatment plan that includes a combination of techniques to contour, firm, and restore the parts of your body affected by pregnancy, such as abdominal protrusions, deflated breasts, and sagging skin
  • Flatten and tighten your stomach with a tummy tuck that removes excess skin and fat and tightens the stomach muscles
  • Augment and contour other areas on your body with treatments such as body contouring for your thighs and lower body, butt augmentation to eliminate a “flat butt,” breast augmentations or lifts to add volume or “perk” to your breasts, labiaplasty to rejuvenate your vaginal area, or minimize excess skin on your upper arms

Face reconstruction and anti-aging treatments

Several treatments are available to enhance your natural facial beauty and minimize areas that make you uncomfortable, as well as bring a more youthful appearance to aging skin.

Dr. Nguyen has expertise in facial plastic surgery for Asian patients, whose face shape and structures require different methods and techniques than western faces. He specializes in modifying Asian noses and eyelids, forehead contouring, chin implants, and reducing cheeks and jaws, all while ensuring that you maintain your ethnic identity and achieve the results you are seeking.

In addition, a variety of procedures can reshape and rejuvenate your face, such as facelifts, nose surgery, chemical peels, dermabrasion, Botox, and more. The doctor will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your unique goals.

Cosmetic surgery for men

Men are subjected to the same judgment of their appearance and body shape as women, but many plastic surgeons have historically only focused on female faces and bodies. Men have different cosmetic surgery needs than women, and Dr. Nguyen understands these differences to give men the results they are looking for.

Facial and body procedures are available to adjust the contour and shape of men’s features. Male breast reduction or pectoral implants can give your chest the well-developed, muscular appearance you have always wanted, and liposuction and tummy tuck treatments can reduce fat in areas that are hard to tone with exercise and diet. Male face reshaping and facelift options are also available to help enhance the natural appearance of your features, tighten skin, and bring a more youthful appearance to your face.

You may also have unsightly scars on your face or body that are affecting your confidence. A variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatments are available to reduce the appearance of scars, such as topical or injectable medications, dermal fillers, laser therapy, skin grafting, and others. Dr. Nguyen will assess your scarring and consult with you about the best treatment options for your skin.
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Dr. Thuan Nguyen and his team at Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center are experienced in helping patients achieve their desired cosmetic results and taking an individualized approach to your aesthetic care. They will never try to pressure you or suggest that you “need” certain types of cosmetic improvements. Instead, the compassionate team will listen to what makes you uncomfortable or self-conscious and provide options to choose from that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Nguyen offers free consultations for all major procedures. He will provide you with a complete quote for the price of your treatments the first time you visit and offers financing options to increase the affordability of your surgical procedures. The Huntington Beach, CA office is conveniently located near the Huntington Beach and Los Angeles areas. Call Dr. Nguyen at (714) 421-4022 to schedule your free consultation today!

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Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen board certified plastic surgeon Fountain Valley, CA A Magna cum Laude graduate from Millsaps College, Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen is a board certified plastic surgeon. He brings with him a plethora of skill, expertise and knowledge given his 20 plus years of experience in the field.

Dr. Nguyen is presently the medical director of Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center. He has engaged in research and contributed to many medical publications and continues to be deeply passionate about providing the best possible treatment for his patients.
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