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Los Angeles plastic surgeon explains what you need to know about breast augmentation


What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles in Huntington Beach, CA area
As women have children and get older, their breasts undergo many changes due to gravity and hormones. Weight loss can also affect the shape, size, and perkiness of breasts, and some women have just been genetically given a smaller cup size than they’d like. In all these cases, breast augmentation can help give you the curvy, perky shape you are seeking, and a confidence boost as well! Dr. Thuan Nguyen from Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center in the Los Angeles, CA area explains what you need to know about breast augmentation.

Types of breast augmentation

Though it may seem like the end goal of all breast augmentations is the same – higher, firmer, and larger breasts – there are several different types of breast augmentation procedures that can be done. The technique used, whether implants are involved, and if so, the type of implant are all variables that are customized to your individual needs.

There are three different techniques that can be used, and typically the degree of sagging that you have in your breasts will determine which technique is best. Periareolar breast lifts are used when there is minimal sagging and involves only one incision around the areola. Any extra skin that is contributing to sagging is removed and then the nipple and areola are moved to a higher location on the breast to give it a lifted appearance. Lollypop lifts involve an incision around the areola, as well as one down the breast. This is a better option for breasts that have more sagging because it allows for better elevation of the nipple and areola. A T lift involves three incisions but provides the best lift and elevation of the areola and nipple out of all three techniques.

Implant options available

A breast lift can be done without the use of implants, but if you want to increase the size of your breasts, there are different implant options available to help boost your cup size.
  • Silicone breast implants are designed to feel like natural breast tissue and are filled with silicone in a gel consistency; if it begins to leak, the gel may escape into the breast, but the implant will not collapse
  • Saline breast implants are made from sterile saltwater and make your breasts have a uniform feel, firmness, and shape; if it begins to leak, the saline will be absorbed naturally by your body and the implant will collapse
  • Gummy bear breast implants have a silicone gel inside, but it is more stable in terms of shape because the gel is thicker than in traditional implants; these can be shaped to be tapered towards the top
  • Round breast implants make your breasts look fuller than gummy bear implants, and because they are round, if they rotate out of place, they will not create an unusual shape in your breast
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In addition to the above options, breast implants can be smooth or textured. Smooth implants are soft and have more natural movement, whereas textured breast implants adhere to the breast with scar tissue, so they are not as likely to move.

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery can be a great option for many women. The biggest factors in determining whether you are a good candidate are your age and health. You must be:
  • 18 years or older for saline implants, or at least 22 for silicone
  • In good health
  • Free from any active infections
  • Not currently breastfeeding or pregnant
Other factors are also important in determining whether breast augmentation is right for you. Dr. Nguyen reviews each patient’s medical history, current health, lifestyle factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption, and other topics prior to surgery to ensure that you will heal well and have good results.

Learn more in a consultation

Implant options available in Huntington Beach, CA area
At Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center, we know that the decision to get a breast augmentation done and the choice of a plastic surgeon is not one the you take lightly – nor should you. Dr. Thuan Nguyen takes time to consult with each patient about what they dislike about their current figure and what changes they’d like to see. Based on your desired results and an examination, Dr. Nguyen will go over which type of breast augmentation would work well in your individual case, as well as what to expect. If you’re ready to look in the mirror with confidence about your figure, call us today at (714) 421-4022 to schedule a consultation!

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Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen board certified plastic surgeon Fountain Valley, CA A Magna cum Laude graduate from Millsaps College, Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen is a board certified plastic surgeon. He brings with him a plethora of skill, expertise and knowledge given his 20 plus years of experience in the field.

Dr. Nguyen is presently the medical director of Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center. He has engaged in research and contributed to many medical publications and continues to be deeply passionate about providing the best possible treatment for his patients.
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