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After-care for a Tummy Tuck Procedure in Newport Beach


Tummy Tuck at Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center in Newport Beach Area
If you live in the Newport Beach area, having a tummy tuck procedure isn't out of the ordinary. Choosing this type of procedure requires that you take the time you need to heal before returning to your daily routine. Providing your body rest will help you recover from your procedure and allow you to enjoy a few days of peace and quiet.

Rest and Take It Easy for a Few Days

A tummy tuck is considered a major procedure. You will need to take it easy and rest for several days until your body has started to heal and become stronger. For many of us, taking it easy can be hard to do, especially if you have a family and job that rely on you. This is one time when it is absolutely essential that you take time for yourself. Please don't overdo it! Let your family pamper you for a change.

No Lifting!

A tummy tuck procedure involves the core area of your body. To start healing correctly, you must avoid lifting any weight at all for the first few days after your surgery. Even lifting a small amount of weight can put pressure on your core muscles and disrupt the healing process. After a few days, your doctor may permit you to lift a few pounds, but don't go over your limit. Doing so may halt any progress you may have gained.
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Follow Your Doctor's Orders

After any medical procedure, it is essential that you follow your doctor's orders to the letter. Following your doctor's advice and sticking to a dramatically reduced schedule will allow you to heal properly. Once you have reached a certain point in the healing process, your doctor will clear you for more strenuous activity.

Newport Beach residents looking forward to a better body image can call Dr. Thuan Nguyen at Orange County Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center. Existing patients should call (714) 444-4011 , while new patients need to use their (714) 421-4022 number. Having a tummy tuck procedure may be one of the best decisions you ever make when it comes to restoring your confidence and improving your body image.

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